A New Life Begins


Life is so Precious…..

    Master James Allen Kelly was born December 16, 1959. The weather was calm for a December morning. At three A.M., it was a calm except in the delivery room a young woman screaming in pain as she delivers a baby boy.

     Life doesn’t always work out the way we would like. Especially when Family services become involved in the life of a family.

     Master James Allen Kelly, should live a happy and well adjusted life, but isn’t going to happen for him. It is difficult to be a child, it is even more difficult to be a foster child. A foster child never really belongs to a family. It is almost like being cursed on the day you are born, no one really seems to care about you. The state gives foster parents money to take care of children who are he Wards of the State. Society has a different name: Devil’s Spawn.

     In order to be fair, not all foster parents are evil. Some in fact are very good but for the most a foster child is not part of the family. And much of the time, generally speaking, a foster child never feels loved. Inthat they are always referred to as foster children, while biological children are referred to as this is our son and this is our daughter. There is nothing wrong with this, it is just the way things are. It is the way it is always going to be.

    Therefore, this blogger wants to focus on the bad experiences, but some of the bad things do need to be mentioned but real names will not be revealed.

    Foster chidren have to overcome many obstacles, and life in general is against all foster children. Too many times foster children feel everything that happens to them are their fault. Much of the time isn’t.

    No matter what happens, good, bad, or ugly can be overcome by the grace of God. It takes time, patience, and love from understanding friends.

    The irony of all of this, had Master James Allen Kelly been born on Christmas day as expected, life would have been so much better for him. We have to work with the cards that we have been dealt.


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