God Always Has a plan


All of  my life I have always wanted a family I could call my own. A family I could be a part of.

Being a foster child is not easy, and having been in foster care for twenty years, a family I could call my own never would never happen.

I became a pawn between my biological mom and family services. And I could have complained and probably did: Life is not fair. God’s reply would have sounded something like this: Son, I never promised you a rose garden.

Of course I can’t remember all of the families I had been in. However, a few do come to mind. The first one was the Town family. At the time, there were no brothers, that I remembered.

The foster parents were an older couple. I called them grandma and grandpa. I was raised for a time by my sister Juanita, we call her Nita. She was the one who mostly took care of me.

Nita and Judy were the ones who were strong willed. Janet usually went along with whatever Grandma said. I became very sick, and so I was kind’ve spoiled by my sisters. I do not ever recall anyone being actyally mean to me, but Grandma Town was strict with all of us, but felt sorry for Judy and Nita because. They were always being in some kind of trouble, because they were strong willed sisters. Something I adnired very much about them.

As I reflect on childhood memories, there are two truths I remember: 

1. Life Is Never Fair
2. God Always Has A Plan

As I was very sick that was not fair. Being taken from my biological mom at birth was not fair, and certainly being used as a pawn was not fair.

But then even in the worst of circumstances God has a plan. At the time, I did not know what that was, but this was just the beginning.


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