An Unususal Friend

     I have always been fascinated by dogs. I do not know why. It doesn’t take us long, before we realize, that dogs possesses qualities, we desire in most human beings.

     I read a cartoon about two ladies talking in a cafe. One lady says, “I want a man who is curteous, helpful, loving, warm, loyal, and trustworthy.” The other woman asks, “You want a dog?”

     Baron was a our black German shepherd dog. Grandpa had him tied out at our gas tank. Grandpa diddn’t want people stealing gas from the tank. To most people, Baron was a vicious dog. But to me, he was a most trusted friend. No one would dare hurt me while I was with Baron. I would cuddle up beside him while he was in the dog house. I felt safe with him.

      Grandma and Grandpa Town thought I would be seriously hurt, so they got rid of the dog after that. But this dog will live within me for the rest of my life. 

      In many ways, this dog saved my life. I dedicated my life in working with dogs most of my life.

      I supported the humane shelter by volunteering to help at 4-h Humane shelter booths, speaking at FFA speaking contests, and raising the awareness of Dogs, Wolves and Coyotes. 

      My first job was working at an animal shelter. I took pictures of dogs before and sfter they were adopted. I won Reserved Grand champion in Veterinarian Science. 

     When we return to the US, I hope to volunteer at an animal shelter.Simply because I love dogs!


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