A God Ordained Sister


Since Jimmy, lived in foster care all of his life, God provided an unique foster sister, in a way he did not see coming, but they would be connected together for life.

Jimmy had decided to go to church camp, it was called Rainbow Christian Camp, (this was before the LGBT Community stole it for their own agenda). While attending camp he met a young lady named Jenny. He had called her Sissy since the time they met.

His foster parents could not pick him up, Jenny’s parents decided that they could take him home. Her dad and him became quite attached, and he knew her dad Stanley, because he had him as a substitute teacher, but didn’t know where he lived.

This became a foster family of his own choosing. Throughout there lives, they would become dependent on each other, and their friendship would be closer than that of a biological brother and sister.

There will be more posts concerning this family as we progress through this blog. But through the rest of his life, she had made an impact on his life that would last all of his life.

You see there would be circumstances that would arise that would show God put this brother and sister together, for a divine purpose.

Jimmy wanted to become a missionary pastor, but he did not know where God would put him. Many things would take place in his life, that would change his life forever. There would be many growing pains he would have to go through. She was the first person, he ever told, that he wanted to be a missionary. Jenny believed in him.

Sometimes the greatest relationship is not in a husband and wife, but sometimes in a friend that becomes a sister or brother.

No one ever really believed in Jimmy before. It would seem he would not be able to do anything without supervision of some sort. But this type of thinking never helps anyone. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to someone is that they enable others. But sometimes, the greatest help is to let them go on their own, and see how God can use him or her.

Jenny was great at doing this for Jim, she saw in him, potential that not even foster parents and social workers could see in him. God would bring him through some very deep valleys, but in the end, God was preparing him for something very special.

Jenny became an inspiration to him because little did they know at the time, there were very similar experiences they had experienced and God would use them for his divine purpose!

Yes, Jenny was an God ordained sister and friend that not only would Jimmy need but Jenny would also later rely upon him. Remember this: Sometimes, our greatest asset, is found in the most unlikely of places a brother or sister. Do not make any mistakes, there were times, it would almost seem like it was a love-hate relationship, but as they grew it would become a more love relationship between Jimmy and Jenny but only that of a brother and sister. There love was a family love only. This needs to be expressed in this blog. People are put in our lives either to teach us a lesson, or to be a blessing Jenny would be a blessing!




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