The Storms of Life


The Storms of Life can occur at any time.

Life seems to go by so fast; people come and people go. Some are a blessing, while others are in our lives, to teach us lessons we need to learn.

Even if I pass by only this once, I pray that in some way, I will be a blessing to you, in some small way!

Some people wish for plenty of money, fame, and fortune, fancy cars and fancy gadgets.

I live in pain every day! Wishing that one day, all the ugly boils on my body would be gone. I hate to go outside, where people laugh and jeer at me. I love to write, but at times I have to go outside. I don’t what is worst, the boils, or the ridicule I face.

This makes me feel the pain of others, who have gone my way. A friend like Mark, while a teenager lost his nephew, in a very tragic way. I still remember the picture in the newspaper, the most dreaded day. How do you survive such a loss, and wonder why such an innocent child had to be killed on such a beautiful day.

Then Pat McCarty never done anyone any harm, that I remembered, but the storms of life was too much for him to bear; he ended up taking his own life. Not realizing the pain he would leave behind, in his classmates. One was a beautiful young lady named Jo Teel. She is always remembered of what he met to her.

Then there is Kay Fields, a lively but seemingly trouble maker, and it might be easy to judge her, but as a teenager she lost her best friend Debbie.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The question we must ponder is why so many storms in our lives? I read a quote the other day, not sure who wrote it; I found on Facebook. Young people are complaining how life treats them; better buckle up butter cup, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Storms may hit us at any time, and they may seem bigger than we are, and they are. Jesus is bigger than the storms, and he can comfort any storms that may come our way.

I also have a new friend, she has been divorced twice; but in her posts, you can see a twinkle in her eye, purple is her color. With the storms of life come disappointments, failures, regrets and even tears; but in the midst of the storm: In the very eye of the storm, there is a calm and peace, and to us, this becomes Jesus Christ in our life’s storms.

What I have found no matter, how people treat us, always be good to them, for you do not know what burden that person may be carrying. Remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Yes life is not always fair. But I remember this quote by Chuck Swindoll. “The older I get, the more I realize, only 10 percent of what happens to us, really matters. The 90 percent that matters most, is how we respond to what happens to us.”

I can look back at most of my classmates and say, you know I am proud of you! I have seen your struggles, and I now understand you completely now. If not for the storms of life, would we be as refined as we are after the storms come. The storms only last for a time, but our growth from the storms, last a life time!




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