FFA Chaplain



Jimmy, did not accomplish a lot of things in his life.

However, one of his greatest achievements, would follow him for the better part of his life. This will be seen later on in this blog.

He was elected as Future Farmers of America Chaplain of the Caston Educational Center, Future Farmers of America Chapter. He was elected from 1977-1980 when he graduated. Future Farmers of America uses the abbreviations FFA.

He loved being a part of the FFA activities, he would excel in FFA Popcorn sales. From 1977-1980 he was in the top ten of FFA Popcorn sales. He also did well in essay and speaking contests.

He also won 1st in the chapter and regional contests of Horse Proficiency and would go on and win 2nd in the Indiana State Horse Proficiency Contest in 1979.

Jimmy always wanted to be a missionary pastor, he felt God leading him in that direction. It would be many years before that would become a reality, but serving as the FFA Chaplain for four years, would serve him well, and it would give him respect and confidence that he would need later on in life.

As one can see, winning horse proficiency and popcorn sales, would not nearly be as important as becoming a FFA Chaplain, for the experience he would gain here, would last a life time.

It was in this area, that he would meet a new family, the Cramers. Senior Master Sergeant, who was a substitute teacher, became his mentor and like a father to him. They both became close like father and son.

Interesting Senior Master Sergeant created a youth ministry program, and it was in these early years, that this mentor would become most important way, that no one ever saw coming. Jimmy would become an excellent youth minister, due to the many challenges he would face in his life.

It is amazing how little opportunities like this; will lead a person on to big and better things. He really needed this to help in other challenges he would face and God and Country would become a big part of his life. Jimmy received the favor of God in his achievements, and he would never forget how God allowed him to achieve great things in his life.



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