What Has Changed?


President Obama has said, during his inauguration speech in 2008, Change has come to America?

Yesterday, I turned on the T.V., I was watching CNN, and saw 20 to 30 year old men and women, destroying property, looting businesses, setting fire to Charlotte. Some individuals were assaulted. All of this was a result because a black police officer, shot and killed another black person.

One of my foster moms once told me, “Jimmy two wrongs never make a right!” From my understanding, this individual who happen to be black, had a gun in his hand. It is tragic that a black man lost his life, but could it be, that man, made the mistake and not the police officer.

Many want to blame the police officer, but most policemen and policewomen do not want to pull their guns. They simply want to go back to their families and friends who love them very much!!

Here is what has changed, I was born December 16, 1959. I grew up in different foster homes from 1959-1980. Moms usually did the disciplining and the punishing of us children.

Many times I ended over my mother’s knee and she would have no problem, pulling my pants down and spanking me with her dreaded hair brush, as I go older there was a wooden paddle or the much more dreaded switch. What was the result of this:

  1. I learned to respect and obey my parents
  2. I learned to respect my teachers and elders
  3.  I learned to respect my own property and the property of others
  4.  I learned to obey
  5. The hands were the devil’s workshop and therefore, we were kept busy doing chores around the house and outside.

I also learned the value of church, and I was a Seventh Day Adventist in my early childhood until I was 14. I moved into another foster home, and that family went to the Christian church and later, I would become a Christian Missionary Campus Ministry Pastor. This is what I am still doing today.

When we take God, The Bible, Prayer and Discipline from our homes, and schools, and elected officials have no respect for any of these: The results is change comes that we probably will not like nor want.



Many of you will remember Jackson State University and Kent University, in the midst of protests, national guardsmen shot and killed several students, and wounded many more.

In Charlotte, N.C., we have a similar scene. As a matter of fact, we have not been this divided in our country over race, since the 60’s and 70’s. George Santayana is quoted as saying, “Those who fail to learn from their past, is doomed to repeat it. Yes, it appears the USA is repeating history that most of us, would rather not remember and especially not repeat. May God have mercy on the United States of America!  But once again we have another president leadership that has failed us. May God send us a true leader this November 8, 2016, when America will choose a new president, and other elected officials. May God give each voter wisdom in their choices that they make.

The good news is this: NO MATTER WHO BECOMES PRESIDENT, JESUS CHRIST IS STILL ON THE THRONE. There is nothing that is going to change that!


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