Living within an Interracial Family

american-filipinoThis is not my family. However, I just want to share how much I love my family. I never really thought I would be in a position to marry an Asian. The Lord had a different plan for me. It is has been filled with much rewards and challenges.

My wife is upset doesn’t want to talk. I on the other hand, like to get everything out in the open as soon as possible. Although there are American foods available in the Philippines, many Filipinos prefer to eat like Filipinos, and I still love American food.

One thing you may not realize about Filipinos, most speak and write Filipino. My wife’s name is Ms. Edena Cabanza Aticaldo-Kelly and we have one child, a son, named Stanley David Aticaldo Kelly born March 8, 2010. He is a very handsome young boy. He is also very smart. He can speak and write in Tagalog, Wray-Wray dialects and English. As a matter of fact he gets better grades in Filipino than he does English.

He is very hyperactive and can be naughty at times, but he has a great love for God, even at age 6 and he cares about everyone. He loves building things with Lego blocks and loves video games. As a matter of fact, even at age 6 his is quite the computer expert.

My wife is very supportive, and Filipinos tend to be more nurturing than most American. women. Filipinos are very family oriented while most Americans tend to be more individualized. I love my wife and son, and I am glad that both Eden and Stanley are a part of my lives.

I lived in foster families all of my life, the family I became connected with was not even a foster family by the state, it was one that God brought us together. One of the sisters out of this family is very protective of both Eden and Stanley. There is no problem with her being accepted as part of our family when we return to the United States, and there are friends who are more like brothers and sisters to me that will love both of them . It is apparent that even in the midst of challenges that living with a Filipino can bring, the rewards are even better.

There were very few people, who felt this relationship would last. Even one pastor said, what will you do when reality sets in? Well reality has set in, and I have a beautiful wife, and a handsome son, and going into 2017, reality looks pretty good so far!!




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