Is Flirting As Harmless As It Seems?



Most people would agree that extramarital relationships are wrong. They would also agree that sex before marriage is also a sin. But it seems that flirting may be okay. What harm could flirting be.

This is what Satan wants us to think! There is nothing wrong with flirting, everyone seems to be doing it. But if a person is married, I wonder how the spouse would feel?  Shouldn’t our husband or wife be the number one person in our lives?

Many ministers have run away with their secretaries, and it all could have started with a causal look or compliment, such as wow, your hear smells terrific or you look beautiful today.

On the internet women sometimes dress provocatively, and sometimes barely at all. But then, the question they should ask themselves, ” Is this how I want to be remembered?”

What ladies fail to realize is this: men are motivated by what they see, the more they see, the more they want.  Death and Destruction are never satisfied, and neither are human eyes. Proverbs 27:20. Once a man sees you dressed provocatively, it is hard to get that image out of their heads. They will even remember the first nude picture they saw even as a teenager.

Women are motivated by what they feel, of course they are also turned by good looks, but their eyes are satisfied, but their feelings can be a problematic. We see this in the Samaritan Woman and Jesus offers Living Water. She is known as the woman at the well.

She seems like a wonderful woman, but she has been in six different relationships. Whether we are referring to pornography or ongoing relationships, none of these things will satisfy our souls.

These things will take us farther than we want to go. I lost a wife of seventeen years because of my involvement in pornography. Although I am not like this today, I regret a lot of the things I have done in my youth.

Ted Bundy was a great looking guy who was addicted to pornography, but for him, pornography took him further than he wanted to go. He started out peeping at ladies undressing. Then he became frustrated and angry and he began raping and killing his victims. He may have killed as many as 100 women. His youngest victim was a thirteen year old which led him to the Florida’s electric chair. Yes, sin, no matter what form it may take, will take us farther than we want to go.

This year, as we have just begun a new year, let us, ask ourselves a simple question, “Are we walking in a manner worthy of our high calling. How we treat others will come back to us, some people refer to as “karma”.

As we begin a new year, I want to be more Christ like. I want to be able to do the right way. I made out forty New Year’s Resolution. The first one is this: “I have made a covenant with my eyes, not to look lustfully at a girl Job 31:1.

Job was a godly man who loved and feared God. If he felt the need to make a covenant with his eyes, I know I too need to make a covenant with my eyes. Especially, in today’s technology age.

God has given me a new lease on life and ministry. I love both my wife and my son, and I never want to hurt them. I want to use the Bible to live my life. I am not holier than anyone else. I am simply a man, who has a heart after God, and want to serve him. God wanted me to write this, to encourage us to live with and for Him.

I pray all will have a Happy New Year as we have begun a new year. I also hope it will be a prosperous New Year for you as well. I love all of you in the Lord and seek His blessings for each and everyone of you!!


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