road-blocks Interesting enough, when Rev. James A. Kelly first met Steven, the husband of Jenny, he told him, “You will not succeed in ministry, and that you will hit several roadblocks. But Steven was very sick and was a little bit confused. He also said I had left my first love. His first love other than Jesus Christ was missions.

Rev. Kelly has hit several roadblocks, but according to him, whenever there is a roadblock, always take the detour. Roadblocks have delays, but sometimes roadblocks lead to better roads than what a person has been traveling.

The family of Rev. James Kelly sacrificed much to go through the College of Maasin, but he had been assured if he did this, he would be accepted as an United Church of Christ in the Philippines ordained pastor.

The UCCP NORWESCON Conference did accept him as an American missionary. He was consecrated and commissioned as a diaconal minister for youth and campus ministry and is continuing this even today.

From 2009-2016 he stood up with all the other ordained pastors. But at the 22nd United Church of Christ in the Philippines of the Northern-Western Samar Conference everything changed.

Rev. James Kelly is not a proud pastor, although he has taken pride in everything that he accomplishes. It was decided that due to his health and being assigned as a youth and campus pastor, he could no longer provide ministerial services. He was prohibited from wearing the pastoral robe and stoles. This hurt his wife so badly, she has not come back to church since June 2016.

Rev. Kelly doesn’t have to be appreciated, but he has volunteered his services, and at not time has the conference even appreciated his services that he and his family has provided.

It was suggested by a third party that all the conference did to Rev. Kelly was to provide a false hope, and now no hope of him being accepted as an UCCP Pastor.

At first this devastated the family of Rev. Kelly as it would, anyone who takes their ministry seriously and who spent so much time, money and energy trying to fit into the UCCP NORWESCON. Rev. Kelly spent eight years going through the process of being accepted as an UCCP Pastor.

However, this is not how he feels today, and the Lord has renewed his ministry and has even increased his borders. He knows that God is not done with him and his family. He does not work for a church or conference, he works for the Lord.

Even the school taught every ordination comes from God, but men confirms that ordination. Many people have confirmed Rev. Kelly’s ordination, especially the Youth and campus ministry students.

All of this means one thing, “God wants to do something new” in the life of the Rev. Kelly family. To make a way where there seems to be no way, or to make a spring in the wasteland (Isaiah 43:18-19). At the time Rev. James Kelly could not see this but today Rev. Kelly and his can thank God for the roadblocks his family encounters, because there expectation for the Rev. Kelly family that God wants to do something special in their lives!



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