A God Ordained Sister


Since Jimmy, lived in foster care all of his life, God provided an unique foster sister, in a way he did not see coming, but they would be connected together for life.

Jimmy had decided to go to church camp, it was called Rainbow Christian Camp, (this was before the LGBT Community stole it for their own agenda). While attending camp he met a young lady named Jenny. He had called her Sissy since the time they met.

His foster parents could not pick him up, Jenny’s parents decided that they could take him home. Her dad and him became quite attached, and he knew her dad Stanley, because he had him as a substitute teacher, but didn’t know where he lived.

This became a foster family of his own choosing. Throughout there lives, they would become dependent on each other, and their friendship would be closer than that of a biological brother and sister.

There will be more posts concerning this family as we progress through this blog. But through the rest of his life, she had made an impact on his life that would last all of his life.

You see there would be circumstances that would arise that would show God put this brother and sister together, for a divine purpose.

Jimmy wanted to become a missionary pastor, but he did not know where God would put him. Many things would take place in his life, that would change his life forever. There would be many growing pains he would have to go through. She was the first person, he ever told, that he wanted to be a missionary. Jenny believed in him.

Sometimes the greatest relationship is not in a husband and wife, but sometimes in a friend that becomes a sister or brother.

No one ever really believed in Jimmy before. It would seem he would not be able to do anything without supervision of some sort. But this type of thinking never helps anyone. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to someone is that they enable others. But sometimes, the greatest help is to let them go on their own, and see how God can use him or her.

Jenny was great at doing this for Jim, she saw in him, potential that not even foster parents and social workers could see in him. God would bring him through some very deep valleys, but in the end, God was preparing him for something very special.

Jenny became an inspiration to him because little did they know at the time, there were very similar experiences they had experienced and God would use them for his divine purpose!

Yes, Jenny was an God ordained sister and friend that not only would Jimmy need but Jenny would also later rely upon him. Remember this: Sometimes, our greatest asset, is found in the most unlikely of places a brother or sister. Do not make any mistakes, there were times, it would almost seem like it was a love-hate relationship, but as they grew it would become a more love relationship between Jimmy and Jenny but only that of a brother and sister. There love was a family love only. This needs to be expressed in this blog. People are put in our lives either to teach us a lesson, or to be a blessing Jenny would be a blessing!




A New Role Model


Jimmy Kelly ended up taking summer classes. This is where he would meet his third grade teacher, Ms. Gardner. He was taught to respect his elders, and he would never, never use their first name under any circumstances. This was a No-No during the sixties.

Unlike Mrs. Crabtree, this teacher, saw in Jimmy Kelly some potential. He would not make the honor role, but he did manage to maintain a C average in her classes. There were four areas he excelled at in her classes: Bible, Drama, Writing, and Spelling.

Little did he know, and she never would really understand, that he would remember her loving kindness the rest of his life. He loved learning from her.

One of the projects for the school year was to make a scrapbook, and she would help him find Bible pictures to put in the scrapbook and Mom Jean would read stories out of the Bible about the pictures, Ms. Gardner would find for him. No one ever really believe in Jimmy before. And this gave him confidence that he never experienced  before.

Before the year ended, there was a reading contest and he placed fourth in the contest. He had read 150 books during the school year. Most of these books were about biographies of famous people like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson among others.

While he had difficulty in math, his other subjects made up for it, and he found even at a young age that he loved to write. All it took was someone to help him believe in himself and it made a difference in his life.

A teacher, a friend, a pastor, or leader can make a difference in the life of a young person, that that difference can and usually last a life time.

Jimmy which that is what he was called by his foster mother, teachers and friends, would forever be changed by the loving kindness of a teacher. What a person can learn from this, no matter who a person is, no matter what the person has done, everyone can become a hero to someone, and not even know it.

Jimmy never got the chance to tell his teacher the impact she had made in his life. But he would never forget him. In his life, he would hope that he might make a difference in another person’s life at some point.

To Jimmy this teacher was not only a role model, she was an angel sent to him during his third and fourth grades. He was never supposed to achieve beyond her classes; it is man that puts limits on people’s lives, but it is God who reaches down and raises individuals beyond those limitation. God had a plan for Jimmy’s life but he would have to go through many challenges before God could truly use him.




Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Obedience is Better Thann Sacrifice

Before going on our journey together, the Lord spoke to me early this morning, and gave me this verse. Along with this one as well:

Whatever is true

What we put in our minds comes out in our words and actions. Paul is telling us to program our minds with the right kind of things. Thoughts that are true, thoughts that are honorable, thoughts that are lovely, thoughts that our commendable, thoughts of excellence and worthy of praise.  We need to examine what we are allowing to come into our via television, radio, internet, books, conversations and movies. Above all we need to read God’s Word and practice it! We need to focus on what is good, honorable and pure. It takes a lot of practice to be able to do this, but in the end it is well worth the effort.

It is not enough to hear God’s Words, how many times have we listened to a preacher and forget the meaning of his message; but we remember a funny illustration; it is easy to read the Bible without putting its words into action. It is much harder to live differently. It is easy to debate passages of Scripture without living out it messages in our lives. Exposure to God’s Word is not enough; it must lead to obedience.

The theme that runs throughout the Bible is this: Obedience is Better than Sacrifice! We find this is in Psalms 40:6-8; 51:16-17; Proverbs 21:3; Isaiah 1:11-17; Jeremiah 7:21-23; Hosea 6:6; Micah 6:6-8; Matthew 12:7; Mark 12:33; and Hebrews 10:8-9.

Samuel was not saying that sacrifice is not important. Samuel was trying for Saul to look at his motives for sacrifice. A sacrifice was a ritual transaction between man and God that physically demonstrated  a relationship between them. But if a person’s heart was not right before God, if he or she was not truly repentant, or did not truly love God, the sacrifice was meaningless; unless it was performed with an attitude of obedience. Anyone can appear righteous(Going to church, quoting Scripture, teaching Sunday School, serving on a committee, and even giving to charity) but all of this becomes worthless unless it is accompanied by devotion and obedience to God.

Therefore, know that as a child, I suffered all kinds of abuse in a couple of foster homes. Going into details about the abuse is not going to serve any godly purpose. Besides even through abuse, I learned to depend upon God, and therefore, there were lessons I learned even from abuse from others. I also believe that there is good in all people.

I am raising our son differently than I was raised. Therefore, I am breaking the cycle of abuse. Just because someone was abused doesn’t mean that we have to continue in that cycle.

It is enough to know that I am a survivor by the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, having been empowered by the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God our Father in heaven. Therefore, I am choosing to live as a survivor and not as a victim. A survivor always has choices, victims seldom have choices, if any at all. I am no longer a child and these experiences were real, and I thank God for the lessons I have learned through all of these different experiences.



Another Foster Home

foster home
Another Foster Home  

The next foster family I remember was the Cain Family. This home was run by two sisters: Ms. Jean Cain and her sister, Judy. Both of them were strict disciplinarians. I would not say that they were abusive, but Ned, her former husband was very abusive.

I really didn’t like this home at first, but I later learned that it was not a terrible home. At least not at first. Ms. Cain was a Seventh Day Adventist, so early on I learned about God.

Although I do not agree with all of their doctrine, this gave me an empowerment that I had not felt before.

Judy on the other hand was a naturalist, and loved creation. She was very good to me. I loved going over to their home, and helping her. And for the fact she would let me do things, that I could not do at Mom Jean’s.

We would take family vacations at least once a year, and even though it was a strict home, it was a loving home as well. During a lot of the vacations, I would stay with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim.

My favorite Sister George Ann would later remark, “If you really knew Judy, she would not be your favorite Aunt!” I replied back, ” That is the advantage of not knowing everything about everyone, one is able to look beyond faults, because you do not know there are any!” When we do not know everything about everyone, it does break down barriers.

Most of the men in my life were abusive, but I learned to love and respect women at an early age, it was the mothers, and aunts in my life that believed in me the most, and would be instrumental in much of my success later on in life.

Life was hard for me, and I had to work hard for everything I earned. That is the problem with many young people of today; they want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

One of the true signs of a great friendship is this: A friend that knows us so well, and understands our strengths and weaknesses and still loves us.

As a small child, I did not understand why everything happened to me as it did but somehow, I knew God was with me every step of the way. I love hearing the stories my Mom Jean would tell me.

One of my favorite channel is the Universal Channel, there is a commercial about character. What is character, is it taking care of business, or taking care of your own; is it treating people the way they deserve? Character is what we feel and what we do.

My best friend was Eric and he was a black boy, and in the sixties, I did not know that this is a bad thing. We played together all the time, so I did not thing anything of it, I gave my friend a drink of water.

My Grandfather knew I played with him, but I did not know nor understand his hatred of blacks. That night I was beaten very severely for giving my friend a drink, but we still remained friends.

God gave me revenge years later. I did not want wish anyone to be hurt or killed, but the Lord required his soul one night. He was screaming profanities as he was dying, but I was praying for him that entire time. I have tried to love everyone for I try to see the good in all people.

For many years I was afraid of dying. I remembered this all through my life and when it is time for me to go, I pray that I would not be screaming profanities, but proclaim the Words of Paul, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, and I have kept the faith.

Seeing how God continues to be with me each day, which I will be continuing to write about, I have a new lease on life and the ministry Christ has entrusted to me. Praise be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


An Unusual Car Ride

download I was getting weaker and sicker each day. We can’t always blame foster parents, for things that go wrong in a life of a foster child.

Of course, the only thing harder to be than a child, is a foster child. You never really feel that your foster family, is your family. By the time I would turn eight, I would have already been in eight different foster families. So you never know how long you are going to be in home, before they change you into another home. And in some cases, if they have no other place to be you, guess what, you go to an institution designed for teenage delinquency, even if you have done nothing wrong. So what I am about to tell you, should be no surprise to you.

Grandpa Town had asked the Welfare Department for money to take me to Riley’s Hospital for Children, in that day, it was about a three hour trip.

The Welfare Department replied, “If you cannot afford to take him, we will cite you for neglect, and will take him, away from you.”

As it turned out, times were hard, and they could not afford to take me. So true to their word, I was yet taken out of another good foster family.

I was a pawn to the Welfare Department, they wanted to adopt out, but my Biological Mom, would not sign the adoption papers. My Biological Mom was on one side, the Welfare Department on the other side and I was caught in the middle, and they never really cared what happened to me.

They had already determined, that I would never make it to the hospital alive, and so they hired a funeral home to transport me to the hospital, three hours a way.

But God never left me, for he gave me a little angel along the way. Jeri Good, was the lovely daughter, of the funeral director. It was probably a scary ordeal for her. She was only a few years older than me.

She held my head on her lap the entire journey to the hospital. Maybe she even prayed for me along the way. But God had a plan for my life, for when I arrived to the hospital I was still alive, barely, but I was still alive.

I would be in this hospital for six to eight months, I do not remember exactly. But I do remember the trip as unusual as it was. Usually to ride in a funeral car means someone has died. Well I was supposed to be dead, but God did not allow that to happen to me.

What Satan means for evil, God turns around for our good. I did not know what lay in store for me, but for now I was safe, in a child friendly hospital. The doctors, nurses, and medical staff were very good to me. And for now that is all that matter to me.

I never forgot Jeri and today our family is friends with her, and when it is time for me to leave this earth, I want the Foster and Good Funeral Home to prepare me for my final destination.




An Unususal Friend

     I have always been fascinated by dogs. I do not know why. It doesn’t take us long, before we realize, that dogs possesses qualities, we desire in most human beings.

     I read a cartoon about two ladies talking in a cafe. One lady says, “I want a man who is curteous, helpful, loving, warm, loyal, and trustworthy.” The other woman asks, “You want a dog?”

     Baron was a our black German shepherd dog. Grandpa had him tied out at our gas tank. Grandpa diddn’t want people stealing gas from the tank. To most people, Baron was a vicious dog. But to me, he was a most trusted friend. No one would dare hurt me while I was with Baron. I would cuddle up beside him while he was in the dog house. I felt safe with him.

      Grandma and Grandpa Town thought I would be seriously hurt, so they got rid of the dog after that. But this dog will live within me for the rest of my life. 

      In many ways, this dog saved my life. I dedicated my life in working with dogs most of my life.

      I supported the humane shelter by volunteering to help at 4-h Humane shelter booths, speaking at FFA speaking contests, and raising the awareness of Dogs, Wolves and Coyotes. 

      My first job was working at an animal shelter. I took pictures of dogs before and sfter they were adopted. I won Reserved Grand champion in Veterinarian Science. 

     When we return to the US, I hope to volunteer at an animal shelter.Simply because I love dogs!

God Always Has a plan


All of  my life I have always wanted a family I could call my own. A family I could be a part of.

Being a foster child is not easy, and having been in foster care for twenty years, a family I could call my own never would never happen.

I became a pawn between my biological mom and family services. And I could have complained and probably did: Life is not fair. God’s reply would have sounded something like this: Son, I never promised you a rose garden.

Of course I can’t remember all of the families I had been in. However, a few do come to mind. The first one was the Town family. At the time, there were no brothers, that I remembered.

The foster parents were an older couple. I called them grandma and grandpa. I was raised for a time by my sister Juanita, we call her Nita. She was the one who mostly took care of me.

Nita and Judy were the ones who were strong willed. Janet usually went along with whatever Grandma said. I became very sick, and so I was kind’ve spoiled by my sisters. I do not ever recall anyone being actyally mean to me, but Grandma Town was strict with all of us, but felt sorry for Judy and Nita because. They were always being in some kind of trouble, because they were strong willed sisters. Something I adnired very much about them.

As I reflect on childhood memories, there are two truths I remember: 

1. Life Is Never Fair
2. God Always Has A Plan

As I was very sick that was not fair. Being taken from my biological mom at birth was not fair, and certainly being used as a pawn was not fair.

But then even in the worst of circumstances God has a plan. At the time, I did not know what that was, but this was just the beginning.